TXT’s Yeonjun Explains How One Of His Favorite Hobbies Helped Inspire The Lyrics For His Feature In ENHYPEN’s “Blockbuster”

The writing process sounded like it was a breeze for Yeonjun!

Since the release of ENHYPEN‘s album DIMENSION : DILEMMA, ENGENEs have been praising its amazing songs non-stop! One song that seems to be catching a lot of attention is their song “Blockbuster”


By now, many are aware that TXT‘s Yeonjun featured in ENHYPEN’s “Blockbuster,” and in a new behind-the-scene, Yeonjun shared what inspired his lyrics.

Before he revealed the inspiration behind his lyrics, Yeonjun informed the viewers how he is the first of his members to feature on another artist’s work. Because he’s the first, Yeonjun admitted he felt a bit of pressure.

Luckily, Yeonjun’s love for watching movies helped give him some inspiration. Because Yeonjun loves both music and movies, the whole creative process was very enjoyable for him.

I love watching movies, you know, so I had a lot of inspiration as I wrote the lyrics. The process of writing the lyrics was really fun.

— Yeonjun

Since the theme and title of the song is “Blockbuster, Yeonjun used his love for movies and imagined himself as the main character.

I imagined what it would be like if I became a movie character. You know there are a lot of movie genres. I imagined myself as the protagonist…Everything’s possible in a movie! That’s what this song is about.

— Yeonjun

Yeonjun then mentioned specific genres and movies that really helped him with writing his lyrics. For one, action movies such as superhero films, The Terminator, and The Fast and the Furious all played a huge part in the creation of the lyrics.

I like superhero movies so I included ‘Hero’ in the lyrics followed by. And ‘Heart beating bump bump’ followed by ‘Even if I die, I’ll be back thumbs up.’ That’s from ‘The Terminator’ when he goes ‘I’ll be back’ with a thumbs-up. I was thinking of that scene. ‘No limit go faster, step on the gas.’ I thought of it because I watched ‘The Fast and the Furious’ recently.

— Yeonjun