TXT’s Yeonjun Can’t Stop Showcasing His Friendship With His “Darlingz” ATEEZ’s Wooyoung And Stray Kids’ Changbin

Yeonjun’s been promoting his besties alongside the group’s track!

There is usually the view that K-Pop is a cutthroat industry where idols are constantly battling to be at the top. Netizens know that is far from the case, and the best thing about K-Pop is seeing interactions between idols and seeing them support each other in the best way possible.

One person who has been showcasing this to the fullest is TXT‘s Yeonjun.

TXT’s Yeonjun | @txt_members/Twitter

Of course, when idol BFFs come to mind, there’s one supportive AF trio that everyone thinks about: The “Darlingz,” with TXT’s Yeonjun, ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung, and Stray KidsChangbin.

ATEEZ’s Wooyoung and Stray Kids’ Changbin

Well, it seems like TXT’s Yeonjun has been using his recent comeback with “Good Boy Gone Bad” to promote his besties as much as the track. As part of their promotions, TXT appeared on M2‘s HIT Village, and it was truly chaos from the very beginning.

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During one of the segments, the members had to guess other idols’ dances from pictures. The first one seemed difficult but Yeonjun seemed to get the answer quickly, recognizing that it was ATEEZ’s “Deja Vu.”

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Of course, he had to show everyone the moves, and with Beomgyu, they absolutely worked it.

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The next one was just as easy with Yeonjun knowing that it was Stray Kids’ recent track “Maniac.”

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Although Taehyun could spell it correctly, he didn’t know the moves, so it was up to Yeonjun to show just how much support he had for Changbin and the rest of the members.

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When he finished, Yeonjun unsurprisingly got very exciting, adding, “Are you watching?

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If that wasn’t enough, Wooyoung was represented when the group did a group relay to “Good Boy Gone Bad” for M2. Of course, the members combined talent, charisma, and humor throughout the video.

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But when it came to the famous ending where idols can showcase their personality even more. Yeonjun’s was of course badass AF but it was pretty familiar to netizens…

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It was one of the many iconic moments from Wooyoung’s performance of “Bad” that the idol did last year for Studio Choom‘s Artist of the Month.

| Studio Choom/YouTube

Yet, it isn’t the first time Yeonjun has shown his love for his besties. Dancing to “Deja Vu” must be second nature to the TXT member as he was perfect at the song during a live broadcast, showcasing his talent but also an appreciation for ATEEZ.


He’s also been a true STAY when dancing along to Stray Kids’ tracks Backdoor.”


Yeonjun even showcased his love for Changbin last month when visiting Dispatch‘s D’FESTA event and getting excited about seeing his photocard on the table.

| KOREA Dispatch/YouTube 

After the trio reunited at the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards, netizens are waiting until the day they reunite again. The three idols have proved that there is no such thing as idol rivalry and the industry is just full of besties.

You can read more about the “Darlingz” and their adorable friendship below.

TXT’s Yeonjun Always Finds A Way To Show Off His Friendship With His “Darling” Stray Kids’ Changbin

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