TXT’s Yeonjun Disliked Singing Before But Is Fascinated By It Now—Here’s Why

He’s grown over the years.

TXT‘s Yeonjun is a talented idol and is often recognized for his impressive dancing and rapping! Although those are his areas of expertise, Yeonjun also has amazing vocal skills!

In an interview with Elle Korea, Yeonjun’s vocal talent was mentioned, and was asked whether he considered singing as a hidden charm or not.

Q: Even though your dance and rap are both often emphasized, your vocal colors are also nice, and your high notes are excellent. Do you think of this as a different charm of yours?

Kind of? In regards to the high notes, Taehyun and Hueningkai, the two maknaes are usually really reliable and do well, so maybe it’s when I scream, is what others find impactful.

— Yeonjun

Yeonjun’s confidence while singing was also mentioned during his interview and while it looks natural, Yeonjun shared it’s all from his hard work. Before, Yeonjun revealed he hated singing but has grown fascinated by it.

Q: When looking at videos such as “The First Take” where you sing the song in one take or others where you’re singing live, I think you are less nervous than others, you even smile a bit after your part is over.

Those expressions probably come out naturally without me even realising it. It could also be a sense of relief thinking, ‘I did well, that’s such a relief.’ Because of voice cracks, I really hated singing when I was younger. It’s kind of fasincating that I’m now working hard in singing.

— Yeonjun

Source: Elle Korea