TXT’s Yeonjun Had The Most Heartwarming Reaction When A Fan Almost Got Hurt

He didn’t waste any time making sure the MOA avoided danger.

On top of being nicknamed the “4th Generation It Boy” for his talent, TXT‘s Yeonjun is gaining attention for the caring way he reacted when a fan narrowly avoided danger at their recent fan signing event.


When looking at the fans who joined them for their June 14 fan signing, Yeonjun couldn’t help but give them all a warm smile after going so long without seeing MOAs. Soon after, he noticed a problem.

As he watched, one of the fans had tripped and almost took a tumble. Yeonjun’s eyes widened as he immediately jumped out of his seat. Standing up, he quickly called and motioned for someone to help the fan.

Even when Yeonjun sat back down, his concern for the fan was written all over his face. He still kept a watchful eye on them, making sure they weren’t hurt.

The fact that Yeonjun reacted so quickly to help the MOA had fans falling for him even more and loving his caring side. No matter who needs help, Yeonjun is ready to save them.

Source: Twitter


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