TXT Yeonjun’s Memory Is So Good That He Never Forgets A Fan’s Face, Even If He’s Only Seen Them Once

It isn’t just people he never forgets!

TXT‘s Yeonjun has a unique talent that’s simply perfect for an idol! He talked all about it in an interview with Elle Korea where he debunked famous rumors about himself.

Is it true that you don’t forget the face of a person you’ve seen once?

— Elle Korea

He confirmed that it is indeed true and explained it in greater detail. Although there are exceptions to the case, he usually never forgets a person’s face after seeing them only once.

Yes, I think it’s a good ability. Sometimes, I forget after seeing them once, but I remember them when I see them a couple of times.

— Yeonjun

It’s the perfect talent to have as an idol because he is able to remember the faces of all the fans he meets, especially those who come to fan meetings.

We have this fan signing event. If you show your face once or twice, I’ll remember you, so come to see me. I have sharp eyes, so I’m good at recognizing people.

— Yeonjun

TXT | @TXT Global Fanbase/Facebook

Finally, he also revealed that his incredible short-term memory works not just with people but also with memories, places, and objects.

It isn’t just people. I remember stuff quickly, like memories, locations, and things. I have a very good short-term memory.

— Yeonjun

Apart from revealing his special talent, Yeonjun also talked about how his members don’t wear the clothes he gifted them for their birthdays. Read about it below!

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Source: YouTube