TXT’s Yeonjun Vents About How Much He Misses MOAs

They miss you too Yeonjun!

With COVID shutting down in-person concerts and fan meets, idols and K-Pop fans have been away from each other for a long time. While of course, it’s the safest route, idols and fans can’t help but miss one another. In a recent interview, TXT‘s Yeonjun revealed just how much he misses seeing MOAs (TXT’s fandom).

In his interview, Yeonjun revealed that although 2020 was a great year for TXT filled with many amazing moments, he was upset the group had to close 2020 without seeing their fans.

Q: How was it to wrap up 2020?

If I think about it all together, I think it was a year that was a bit hard for our memeber for numerous reasons. We did have good results and made good records… but still, since we couldn’t see our MOAs, those happy things didn’t really feel that big to me. Just… I think it was a year that passed in a difficult way because we couldn’t meet our MOAs.

— Yeonjun

To express his feelings to MOAs, the interview asked Yeonjun to share a message with his fans.

Q: As you wrap up 2020, can you say some words to MOAs, who you probably miss the most?

MOAs, I really miss you guys… also, I really miss performancing on stage where MOAs are there, but we can’t blame anyone for this situation and it’s not something we can do anything about, so we’re really sorry. I’m so sorry but I hope you guys will wait a little longer. MOAs, Let’s definitely meet each other healthily in 2021!

— Yeonjun

The interviewer mentioned that at one time in 2018, Yeonjun claimed that his fans helped him go through tough situations and wanted to know his current stance.

Q: In 2018, you said that the existence of fans is ‘The reason I could endure my struggles in the future.’ Then in 2020, what was the existence of fans to Yeonjun.

My driving force. I believe they are the reason that I and the ‘We’ called TOMORROW X TOGETHER can cheer up and shine, whether we’re on or off stage. I always think like that. That MOAs are the people who make the members unique. So whenever I’m tired or exhausted, I think of MOAs. Then I could shake it all off and stand up.

— Yeonjun

Since the group members can’t see their fans, the interviewer questioned whether he’s lost any motivation. Yeonjun conveyed that it’s definitely hard not being with his MOAs.

Q: Aren’t you tired now that you can’t see your fans who are like your driving force?

It was difficult. It was very difficult. I thought of that as we stood on all our stages through all of 2020. The empty audience was so gloomy, and when we went to broadcasting stations or event halls or performance halls, I would always think about that. I usually do a lot of monotoring, but whenever I see my performance videos, I think I felt that more. I think about it again when I see performances videos where I hear cheering. And then I think about it again when I see the empty audience when I go up on stage… It’s a recurring situation so I miss them more, and I want to meet them more. As I say this now… I miss you MOAs.

— Yeonjun

Later into the interview, Yeonjun thought back to words he spoke in 2018 about wanting to be an artist that fans can gain strength from. He then revealed whether or not he feels like he’s become that idol yet.

Q: In 2018, after you debuted, you said to the fans that you ‘Want to be a person that gives you strength and consolation.’ Do you think you’ve become that person?

I think I’ve become the person I’ve been imaging, but honestly, I think I’ve become a bigger person than I initially imagined. I thought that ‘I wanted to be a friend-like person’ to MOAs. The existence of friends gives you comfort and dependence whenever you’re tired. But our MOAs told us that they received more strength and energy from me and my members than I dreamed of. Whenever I see MOAs say ‘I gain strength while listening to TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s music’ I think I’ve become more than a ‘friend to them.’

— Yeonjun

While he has become an amazing idol who gives fans great strength, there is also a huge burden that comes with that ability. Yeonjun expressed the responsibilities of that aspect and shared he often worries he’ll let his fans down.

Q: Don’t you feel burdened about yourself now that you’ve somewhat become more influential than you’ve dreamed of?

I don’t feel burdend knowing that they’ll like the ‘us.’ I don’t feel burdened about myself either. But I do have worries that we’d disappoint our MOAs… both musically and personally, I have a lot of ambition. But my own standards are high, so if I’m not satisfied, I suddenly think, ‘What do I do if our MOAs are disappointed?’ During those times, I make a goal to work harder.

— Yeonjun

Hopefully, the world becomes a safer place soon so that TXT and MOAs can reunite face to face again!


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