Netizens Are Simping Hard Over Seeing TXT’s Yeonjun In A Flowy White Shirt & Glasses

“Choi Yeonjun I’m not your strongest soldier.”

On October 27 and 28, TXT held the last concerts of their ACT: LOVE SICK world tour in Manila in the Philippines, and from the footage shared online, it was a great time!

As with all concerts that TXT puts on, there were countless memorable moments from the shows, from cute interactions between the members to particularly adorable or silly shenanigans.

Of course, fans couldn’t get over their gorgeous visuals either, and Yeonjun in particular has gone semi-viral online due to his casually sexy appearance during the last show!

Yeonjun (TXT) | BigHit Music

Wearing a simple flowy white shirt and glasses, he looks every bit the model he does even when wearing edgier or more complex outfits.

He was even the subject of a post on an online Korean forum titled “Don’t glasses suit Choi Yeonjun so well?”, in which many pictures from the concert of the idol were shared.

The post included the caption, “White shirt + glasses… He kinda looks sexy…” which some fans seemed to think was an understatement 😂.

He also shared a couple of behind-the-scenes photos on the group’s Twitter, blessing MOAs with a better look at his handsome visuals.

Comments from Korean netizens on the online post were in agreement with the original author’s sentiments.

  • “He suits them too well”
  • “He was just crazy in glasses today with his shirt”
  • “Please come back to Korea fast”
  • “He freaking suits those glasses but isn’t it also because he has long hair? He looks f*cking dope”
  • “I can only think of this…”

Additionally, international fans also chimed in with how they felt about how Yeonjun looked during the concert!

  • “Kinda sexy? Just kinda? He is sexy personified”
  • “Handsome people suit almost everything”
  • “Why this f*cker so sexy tf”
  • “Everything….everything about him… 😫 the love is making me nauseous”
  • “Handsome, talented, good personality! Boy has it all!”

Fans on Twitter also had to share how they felt.

We hope that TXT and MOAs had a great time on their tour!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa


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