TXT’s Yeonjun Reveals That Gender Norms Won’t Stop Him From Trying New Fashion Styles

He wears what he wants!

By now, fans are well aware of TXT‘s Yeonjun and his incredible love for fashion. With his 2021 New York Fashion Week debut and his many stunning outfits, Yeonjun is definitely one of TXT’s biggest fashionistas. In the group’s recent Vogue Korea interview, Yeonjun revealed his love for fashion and what style he wants to try next.

In his interview, Yeonjun was asked about his glamorous outfit in their “Fairy of Shampoo” dance practice video. For those unaware, Yeonjun was dressed up in his best outfit while his members dressed in a more casual style.

Q: You were the only one wearing a suit and beret for the ‘Fairy of Shampoo’ dance practice video. There was also a comment that said, ‘Everyone is wearing casual but Yeonjun looks like he’s about to go to an art exhibition in Paris after practice.

I just wanted to wear that. I wanted to wear something fancy that day and I heard that we were going to film a video. There are instrument sounds in the song so I thought a Paris vibe would fit.

— Yeonjun

Clearly, Yeonjun dresses up in his best outfits every chance he has and we love it! He also described how he liked to buy shoes or clothing that captivate his attention!

I always buy and try items that catches my attention. Recently, I bought western boots, and unlike normal boots, they go up to my kneecaps. I saw some reference photos and I thought they were pretty, so I wanted to try wearing them. I customized the boots with some white leather. It looked okay so I wear them often.

—  Yeonjun

Though he already has amazing style, Yeonjun revealed there are more styles he wants to try out.

Q: You like wearing bold things. What other style would you like to try?

Something I’d like to try are skirts? I recently saw Bong Tae Gyu wear them and he was so cool. His mindset is really cool too. What he said is true. Who’s to decide whether something is women’s or men’s clothing?

— Yeonjun

Source: Vogue Korea


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