Here’s TXT Yeonjun’s Response To People Who Say He Looks “Opinionated And Rude”

He knows he’s not like that.

TXT‘s Yeonjun proves that first impressions can be deceiving! In a recent interview with GQ Korea, Yeonjun was asked to name a common misconception that people have of him: “What is the one misconception that people have about you?

He revealed that many people have the wrong impression of him when they first meet: “Usually, when people first meet me…I guess I give off a strong impression.

Unfortunately, he often hears that he looks opinionated and rude.

They often say ‘He looks opinionated‘ and ‘He looks rude.‘ A lot of people say that about their first impression of me.

— Yeonjun

Although people may mistakenly think he’s like that, he described his true self as someone completely different. He humbly called himself an innocent fool who fears many things.

But once you get to know me, I’m just a fool, I’m innocent, and I get scared of a lot of things. That’s me.

— Yeonjun

Yeonjun ended by asking people to not get the wrong idea of him: “Please don’t misunderstand me.

It’s tragic that Yeonjun is misunderstood so often by the people he meets, but at least fans know what a sweetheart he truly is!

Hear more from Yeonjun in the full interview below.