Photos Of TXT’s Yeonjun Leaving Work Are Already Being Called “Legendary”—And We Totally Understand Why

He’s smoking 🔥

TXT‘s Yeonjun is gaining attention once again for his drop dead gorgeous visuals! On May 9, the members of TXT waved goodbye to fans and reporters alike after their jampacked day full of comeback schedules.

TXT’s Yeonjun

The group recently returned to the music scene with their title track “Good Boy Gone Bad,” a dark concept unlike anything they’ve done before.


Yeonjun, unsurprisingly, fit the bad boy style perfectly! Even outside of their performances, he was the definition of charismatic and heart-stopping.

With his hand in his pocket and his forward slouched posture, he looked confident and cool.

It was hard to look away from him for sure.

And when he stuck out his tongue ever so slightly, the sigh of millions of fans around the world could almost be heard.

Korean netizens commented online that this appearance was already “legendary” and that he was an undeniably “a hot guy.”

When it comes to both talent and visuals, Yeonjun never disappoints!

Source: Instiz