Netizens Praise TXT Yeonjun’s Latest Pictures After He Continues To Break Gender Streotypes

He continues to make a statement!

Although Korea is seen as quite a conservative and traditional society in many ways, K-Pop idols have been paving the way to break those standards. Both male and female idols have been using their popularity and status to make a statement, especially when it comes to breaking gender stereotypes and what is expected from certain genders.

One of those idols who has consistently been gaining love and praise from fans for his determination to break these stereotypes is TXT’s Yeonjun.

TXT’s Yeonjun | @TXT_Members/ Twitter

On November 18 (KST), Yeonjun went on social media and posted some pictures of himself in one of the HYBE training rooms. Aside from his dazzling visuals, there was one thing that fans couldn’t help but notice, and that was the fact Yeonjun was wearing a skirt in both.

| @TXT_Members/ Twitter
| @TXT_Members/ Twitter

If that wasn’t enough, Yeonjun didn’t pass over the fact and even showcased his stance on male idols wearing skirts through the text in the tweet. He wrote, “Here are pictures of me wearing a skirt, for MOA. It’s so comfortable. Men can also wear skirts, everyone Smiling face with smiling eyes.”

When Yeonjun posted the images, MOAs and netizens worldwide couldn’t hide their appreciation for Yeonjun and the statement he was making through posting images of him wearing a skirt. In particular, the caption was also significant.

Yet it isn’t the first time Yeonjun has shared his love for skirts. Yeonjun was recently a guest host on Kiss The Radio, and during the episode, he shared that he had really been into skirts recently and that he promised to share photos of him wearing them. After the images were posted on Twitter, many thought these were the pictures they were talking about.


i am really never going to regret stanning them!! #투모로우바이투게더 #txt #yeonjun #txtmoa #투바투 #연준

♬ MOA Diary (Dubaddu Wari Wari) – TOMORROW X TOGETHER

Yet, despite this, it isn’t just Yeonjun in TXT who has been praised for breaking gender stereotypes. During their promotions for  “LO$ER=LO♡ER,” all of the members wore skirts during their performances.

Although it was a huge move, none of the members made a huge deal about it, and that’s what fans loved the most. TXT was able to make a statement without flaunting that they were doing it.

| ALL THE K-POP/ YouTube
| THE K-POP/ YouTube 

With more idols like ATEEZ‘s Hongjoong, 2AM‘s Jo Kwon, GOT7‘s Mark, and many more breaking stereotypes with their fashion, they are helping to promote a more inclusive society. You can read more about idols breaking gender stereotypes below.

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Source: @TXT_Members