TXT’s Yeonjun Proudly Sports Couple’s Shoes With Someone You Might Not Expect

This “good boy gone bad” is really all good!

In South Korea, it isn’t uncommon to see people in relationships wear “couple clothing”, where their outfits match in some kind of way. And it’s absolutely adorable.

From the outfits themselves to the accessories they wear, couples can get really creative with this concept.

However, the “couple clothing” concept isn’t just limited to romantic relationships, and a recent post by TXT‘s Yeonjun on WeVerse proves it!

| @TXT_members/Twitter

On May 23, the K-Pop idol shared a photo of two seemingly identical pairs of shoes. And he captioned it with a simple and sweet, “Couple shoes with my mom ❤”.

Fans have flooded social media with adoration about the close and loving relationship that the mother and son seem to have.

Others noticed the adorable size difference in the shoes!

Overall, people are just happy that Yeonjun was able to take the time to spend with his family.

We love seeing cute interactions between K-Pop idols and their parents!


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