TXT Fans Are Having Mental Breakdowns Over “PUMA” Yeonjun

He became a hot topic as soon as TXT’s new music video dropped.

As soon as TXT‘s new music video for “PUMA” dropped, Yeonjun became a top trending topic on Twitter. MOAs are going wild over his dark, bad boy look and insane rap skills, and it’s easy to see why! Check out 10+ of their hilarious reactions.

1. Hello, 911? I’m being attacked!

2. Free Soobin!

3. This Yeonjun roulette game

4. The tongue technology that’s making MOA malfunction

5. Why stand on the floor when you can stand on your members?

6. Here come the tears!

7. Sir, you’ve committed a crime

8. Priorities

9. Gratitude

10. I need to sit down for this.

11. In conclusion…