TXT’s Yeonjun Gifted His Studio Choom’s “Artist Of The Month” Dancers With Signed Albums And Received Sweet Praise From Them

This interaction is so touching!

TXT‘s Yeonjun just blessed the world with his Studio Choom “Artist of the Month” performance video and it was incredible!

From the amazing props to Yeonjun’s outstanding dancing, MOAs can all agree that the whole performance was flawless. One other thing that made the performance stunning was the dancers!

The performance wouldn’t be complete without the dancers and Yeonjun made sure to show his appreciation. Through some Instagram stories posted by the dancers, MOAs discovered that Yeonjun gave the dancers signed albums. Of course, his kindness doesn’t stop there, Yeonjun also wrote the most loving messages on them.

For dancer Kim Ki Hyun (@kinky.coming), Yeonjun revealed he’s actually a fan of him and thanked him for his amazing performance.

To. Kinky, I’m a fan of yours~ Thank you for dancing so amazingly! It was an honour~

— Yeonjun

| @kinky.coming/Instagram

For dancer Kim Young Hoo (@blackqworld), Yeonjun also shared his gratitude for him and expressed how big of an honor it was to dance alongside him.

To. Black Q Thank you for dancing so amazingly! It was an honour~

— Yeonjun

| @blackqworld /Instagram

The two dancers had some kind words for Yeonjun as well. In his Instagram story post, Kim Ki Hyun complimented Yeonjun’s loving personality: “Yeonjun-ssi who even has a warm heart.”

Dancer Kim Young Hoo praised how all-around perfect Yeonjun is! Kim Young Ho conveyed how not only does Yeonjun have talent, but also visuals and a great personality.

Visuals, talent, personality are all 1000000 points It was fun doing it with Yeonjun-ssi. Thank you.

— Kim Young Hoo

Check out Yeonjun’s amazing performance below: