TXT’s Yeonjun Has One Important Rule When Covering Girl Group Choreography

It’s all about respect!

A big discussion in K-Pop is the ability of idols to cover other artists’ dances, particularly when it comes to male idols covering female choreography. Many netizens have voiced their concerns about male idols not respecting the choreography by changing it to look more ‘masculine’ or making fun of the moves in certain ways.

One person who has always done his best to ensure he does all choreography respectfully is TXT‘s Yeonjun.

TXT’s Yeonjun | @txt_members/Twitter

Since debuting in 2019, Yeonjun has cemented his status as one of the “4th Generation IT-Boy,” and his dancing skills are part of the package. In each performance, he gives power and passion.

Yet, his legendary status also comes from Yeonjun’s diversity and in the past, he’s also gained praise for his girl group dances. In a recent Weverse interview, Yeonjun showcased his maturity when speaking about his approach when dancing to girl group songs.

When asked about his covers, Yeonjun revealed that it was his experience in America that made him want to cover girl group songs.

I think it is so cool when men pull off girlish dances. I saw men nailing girlish dances while doing a workshop in the US. It was so cool and left a deep impression on me, so I thought I would look cool if I covered female artists’ dances, too.

— Yeonjun

| Weverse Magazine

He then shared how he approaches each of the dances, and it’s definitely something that should be praised when looking at the way netizens perceive male idols dancing to more ‘feminine’ choreography.

And I didn’t want it to look like a caricature, so I tried to dance in a way that was thoughtful and cute. What I really wanted was to show it’s another thing I can do well.

— Yeonjun

| Weverse Magazine

Yet, it’s one thing to say it but another to prove it. In the past, Yeonjun has shown on multiple occasions that he always does girl group choreography to the best of his ability. In a past live broadcast, the idol covered many dances, including Kep1er‘s “WA DA DA” and definitely did it justice.

Yeonjun covering “WA DA DA” | TXT/VLIVE 

He recently joined the members of fellow HYBE group LE SSERAFIM for their “FEARLESS” challenge and although he put in a lot of energy, he didn’t try to change the choreography.

Yeonjun covering “FEARLESS” | @le_sserafim/TikTok

Even when doing the “ZOOM” challenge with Jessi, Yeonjun and Soobin perfectly executed the dance moves and did it in the way the dance was meant to be, rather than changing it to suit a more masculine style.

Yeonjun and Soobin with Jessi | @itsjessibaby/TikTok

As expected from Yeonjun, he always wants to showcase his talent but not at the expense of other idols’ choreography. Whether it’s his own songs, boy or girl group tracks, Yeonjun always puts 110% into each dance and does it respectfully.

Source: Weverse
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