TXT’s Yeonjun Issues A Serious Warning To Fans After Witnessing Dangerous Crowds At The Airport

“Someone bumped into a mom carrying a newborn baby as well as an elderly person…”

TXT‘s Yeonjun has gained attention after his serious message to fans after witnessing dangerous crowds at the airport.

TXT’s Yeonjun | @TXT_members/Twitter

On June 30 (KST), TXT arrived at Incheon Airport ahead of an overseas schedule. Unsurprisingly, they were greeted by the media and fans upon their arrival.

As they walked through the airport, it didn’t shock many to see the number of fans waiting and following them as they walked toward security. The fans there wanted a glimpse of the idols, and while it seemed intense, it is something fairly common when it comes to stars at the airport.

Of course, while idols are normally used to huge crowds, it seems like their recent departure was extreme enough to warrant a post from Yeonjun following their arrival at Incheon Airport.

In the post, Yeonjun shared how grateful he is when fans visit but warned of the dangers. He particularly shared a shocking anecdote from the airport showcasing the real dangers of fans crowding, including a mother with a child and an old woman being knocked.

I’m leaving a post in the case that the fans who came to the airport today might see this. As it is not a space where only we are there, but a place with so many people, I would be grateful if the fans could keep order and their manners just a little bit. Of course, I know that you might not have meant it, but I was so taken aback to see that someone bumped into a mom carrying a newborn babym as well as an elderly person as they dashed to the escalator. I was so sorry to those who faced harm but the situation was so messy that I could not even say sorry. I would be grateful is you guys can be a little more careful. This is my request of you!

— TXT’s Yeonjun

In particular, around the same time as Yeonjun’s message was posted, Weverse released a statement regarding “Fan Club Etiquette.” In the post, it reinforced the rules for MOAs when it comes to TXT’s schedule.

The first rule was regarding visiting locations and sets that TXT are without any invitations. The second point under the rule emphasizes the point about airport etiquette and that MOAs should not visit airports or board the same planes as the members.

Do not visit airports or board the same flight as the artists during any part of their domestic or international activities including tours and personal traveling by using information acquired improperly. Do not send or leave gifts or letters at the artists’ private locations (living space, family home, etc.).

While it is normal for fans to want to see their idols off for overseas schedules, it can be unsafe for others at the airport. Yeonjun shared his appreciation for all the support fans give the group, but his message was also a warning about being considerate to other people.

Source: TXT/Weverse