TXT’s Yeonjun Shows Off His Gorgeous Long Legs In Bright Red Dolphin Shorts

He looks sooo good 😍

Shorts aren’t super common for male K-Pop idols to wear, which is a shame, because so many of them look incredible in them!

Short shorts in particular aren’t often seen on boy group members, but TXT‘s Yeonjun is out here proving that that should change.


Standing at nearly 182cm (or around 5’11”), Yeonjun already has gorgeous visuals and long, well-muscled legs that give him perfect body proportions.

And in a recent video, looking like the world’s hottest lifeguard dressed in short, bright red dolphin shorts, he really gets to show off some of his best features that have MOAs swooning!

It isn’t the first time the TXT member has rocked short shorts, and probably won’t be the last!

Fans are praising his visuals in the comments of the post, and asking him to save them from drowning 😂

We’d gladly swim anywhere that Yeonjun is working as a lifeguard at! 😂