TXT Yeonjun Shows Off Stunning Visuals As He Shares Pictures From 2021 New York Fashion Week

He was born to do this!

TXT‘s Yeonjun made his model debut during this year’s New York Fashion Week as part of Concept Korea’s Fall 2021 presentation!

On February 17th, the eldest member of TXT walked the runway representing the brand ul:kin.

If that wasn’t enough, Yeonjun later shared more pictures of his looks on the official TXT Twitter account.

| @TXT_members
| @TXT_members

He showed visuals and facial expressions which made him look like a seasoned veteran!

Unlike previous years, due to COVID-19 restrictions in New York, the shows went online. It meant that fans were able to watch Yeonjun’s runway appearance on the New York Fashion Week website.

Fans on social media couldn’t hide their excitement and pride and congratulated Yeonjun on his first runway!

After his successful debut runway, fans hope that this is only the start of Yeonjun’s modelling career!