TXT’s Yeonjun Trends Worldwide For Being The Cowboy Of Everyone’s Dreams

“Yeonjun was insane for this.” – MOA

Ahead of TXT‘s comeback on October 26 with minisode1 : Blue Hour, the group has been dropping stunning teasers to increase the anticipation for its release. The latest member to make fans go wild for “Blue Hour” was Yeonjun.

His new look was so unexpected yet handsome that he shot to the top spot for worldwide trends.


Right from the start, not only did the upbeat music take everyone by surprise, but the long, colorful length of Yeonjun’s hair was more than enough to get everyone hyped.

When he put a black cowboy hat on top of his pink and blond mullet, it was over. Yeonjun’s smile sealed the deal.

Yeonjun’s cowboy look alone took the number one spot on Twitter’s worldwide trends.

He came to impress and didn’t disappoint based on MOAs’ pleasantly shocked reactions. If anyone can make cowboys chic, it’s definitely Yeonjun.

Check out Yeonjun’s teaser that had fans all around the world changing their minds about how handsome cowboys could be.