TXT Fans Are Losing It Over Yeonjun’s Crop Top And Honestly, Same 

Yeonjun’s new look is taking Twitter by storm.

If you’re having a Yeonjun-induced meltdown…well, join the club!

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On September 28, TXT revealed new “R” concept photos for minisode1: Blue Hour. The album is scheduled for release on October 26 at 6 PM (KST).

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For one of his two outfits, Yeonjun is wearing a white crop top hoodie that looks like it was made for him. MOAs are head over heels for this look, and these tweets prove it!

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1. MOA.exe has stopped working

2. Move over, Team Rocket!

3. Nobody is prepared for this. Nobody.

4. Excuse me, sir…

5. Welcome to the fandom. You’re never leaving.

6. Fanzoned?

7. Question of the day:

8. “Cat & Dog (MOA Remix)”

9. Culture reset

10. No, I can’t hang out today. I’m busy.

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