TXT’s Beomgyu Tried To Speak Informally To Soobin Now That They’re The Same Age

It’s Beomgyu’s birthday!

TXT‘s Beomgyu is celebrating his 19th birthday today with all of his fans around the world, but one fan was curious about his new relationship with Soobin now that they’re the same age!

Beomgyu was born on March 13, 2001. Just a couple of months earlier on December 5, 2000, his fellow member Soobin was born! Since Soobin was born in 2000, and Beomgyu in 2001, Soobin is traditionally considered a “hyung” in Korean culture.

But when considering the international age, Beomgyu is now the same age as Soobin!

One fan asked Beomgyu if he tried speaking informally to Soobin now that they’re basically twins. They wrote, “Hey, Beomgyu. Did you try speaking informally to Soobin?? You guys are the same age internationally now

And Beomgyu confessed that he did! He tried speaking to Soobin informally than formally as he usually did, and Soobin had the best reaction!

I spoke informally, but he said, “So whaat~”..?

Soo whaat~🤪

— Beomgyu

Although Beomgyu and Soobin are technically the same age now, Soobin responded with the best reaction in his signature cute tone of voice!

No matter how much time passes, Beomgyu will always be a little brother to Soobin! Happy birthday, Beomgyu!