TXT’s Music Video Director Thanks Big Hit For Letting Him Go All Out For “Magic Island”

TXT’s new music video is on a different level!

Big Hit Entertainment’s boy group TXT released their “Magic Island” music video and received much praise and attention for its large-scale production and amazing visuals.

The music video runs for 13 minutes and is more of a short film than a music video.




The music video director for this song revealed his thoughts on the music video through a post on Instagram.

The director always wants a large budget not because they are greedy, but so that they can have more freedom for creativity. The music video is often more costly than the music itself. Cost doesn’t have anything to do with the producer using a computer to create a small and cute room or a vast horizon. However, the former and the latter have very different meanings for a director. Thank you for letting me spend a lot of money.






Here are what MOAs are saying about TXT’s new release!











Take a look at the full video below!



TXT, meaning Tomorrow X Together, is a five-member boy group under Big Hit Entertainment. They are known to be the first boy group to debut under Big Hit after BTS.

Source: theqoo