TXT’s Taehyun Was Forced To Do This Embarrassing Thing For The Sake Of A Photo And He Got Exposed By Fans

Poor Taehyun couldn’t help it!

We all know how flawless K-Pop photoshoots are.

What we don’t often think about is the painstaking process that is done to ensure perfection for the final photo.

And sometimes, that involves some sacrifices.

Monster Rookies TXT has recently scored an endorsement deal with Lotte Corporation as LDF Ambassadors.

Their stunning visuals were truly showcased through the advertisement.

Furthermore, the members all complemented each other with their visuals, fashion, and even their height!

Although TXT may have debuted this year, they have some pretty tall members!

Soobin, Hueningkai, and Yeonjun all tower above 180cm!

In contrast, the shortest member, Taehyun, is 174cm.

While that is considered an average height for a male idol, in a group like TXT, Taehyun is 5cm shorter than the second shortest member Beomgyu.

Lotte released the behind-the-scenes video for TXT’s photoshoot where eagle-eyed fans were able to spot this hilarious “blink, and you’ll miss it” scene!

While the TXT members were filming their photoshoot, fans saw that Taehyun was the only member who was forced to stand on a box!

That would have evened up his height with the other members, but it was still a hilarious moment for fans to see.

Fans even commented on TXT’s fancafé, trying to reassure Taehyun that he was cute and was not as short as the other members.

It was then when Taehyun realized that his fans had found out about his height solution during the Lotte photoshoot.

In response to a fan post, Taehyun expressed his surprise that the secret from the photoshoot had been exposed.

It was a secret … did it comeout when I was tiptoeing?

Regardless of his height, fans wouldn’t change anything about Taehyun!

In their eyes, he is perfect just the way he is.