TXT’s Yeonjun Leaves A Message To A Fan Who Aspires To Become An Idol

He had the sweetest message to idol-hopefuls!

It’s only been nearly a year since TXT debuted, but they’ve already become role models to the next generation of idol-hopefuls!

One TXT fan left a message for Yeonjun, claiming that his dream was to become an idol. He confessed that TXT and Yeonjun were his role models and hoped to meet him on stage one day as fellow artists!

Yeonjun-hyung!! My dream is to become an idol tooㅠㅠ You and the TXT hyungs are my rolemodelㅠㅠ I will also become a talented idol singer!! I hope we can meet one day at a music show. Please continue to share good music with us~!~!

— TXT Fan

After reading that he has become a role model to an aspiring idol, Yeonjun was surprised and overwhelmed with gratitude. And he left the sweetest message to the fan that any aspirers would die to make come true!

He wrote, “Omg I can’t believe I’m a role modelㅠ Thank youㅠㅠ Let’s meet on stage for sure! Please come greet me when that day comesㅎㅎ

Imagine going from a fan to a fellow idol, meeting Yeonjun on stage, and shake his hand while you introduce yourself as the fan who had messaged him years back!

It would surely be a moment to remember for both the fan and Yeonjun!

Although this humble king was surprised by the fact that he’s a role model to many around the world, who wouldn’t be mesmerized and motivated to dream by this talented heartthrob?!