Typhoon Hinnamnor Floods The City Of Pohang And Brings Fire To Its Steel Factories

The typhoon reached the city in the morning of September 6.

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Typhoon Hinnamnor has flooded much of Korea’s southern port city of Pohang in the North Gyeongsang province.

What Pohang currently looks like. Guys, please be careful.

— @13_1__0/Twitter

According to reports, the city of Pohang sent out an emergency warning to evacuate in the early morning of September 6. The typhoon brought with it 70-100mm of rain to the city, flooding much of it.

The southern district of Pohang, in real time.

— @modongsoop_solo/Twitter

Much of the city’s shoreline was submerged underwater. The typhoon’s devastation was uploaded in real time by its citizens, showing the full scale of its destruction.

Pohang’s E-mart parking lot and the school near my home is underwater.

— @kiki_young0901/Twitter

It’s 6 am now, and when the typhoon arrives at 9, I think we will be further submerged. Save me. I think I will have to evacuate outside of my home. I hope my home isn’t flooded, but the whole apartment is currently leaking. This is a disaster.

— @squirrelbe1021/Twitter

Fire has also been reported in the city’s POSCO steel plants. A company representative confirmed this with a news outlet. According to residents, there were “loud noise and black smoke” coming from the POSCO plants.

Smoke from steel mill in Pohang | Newsis

Smoke from POSCO steel mill | Newsis

Pohang is a city in the North Gyeongsang province and is the main seaport in the province. The city is best known for its steel plants, car factories, and for housing much of Korea’s largest manufacturing operations.

Pohang | kbmaeil

Typhoon Hinnamnor swept its way through Jeju-do in the late evening of September 5 and exited the country in the early morning of September 6.

The typhoon was expected to be the strongest in the country’s history and, according to reports, had an atmospheric pressure of 955 hectopascal at its center. The typhoon is reported to have had a maximum wind speed of 40km.


Source: Wikitree and Newsis