U-KISS Hoon Reveals His Family Member Was Brutally Beaten Up By Another Student

He is currently unconscious.

U-KISS member Hoon has revealed through his personal Twitter account that one of his family members, an elementary student, was brutally beaten up by another student.


In his public statement, he revealed the severity of the beating was so bad, the family member is currently in the intensive care unit and his outlook is grim.

Right now, an elementary student from Seohae Elementary School in Mokpo is unconscious and near a state of brain-death due to an indiscriminate attack from a classmate. Even if he is able to regain his consciousness, his mental state will be that of a 3-4 year old.


He shared how angry he was with the parents of the attacker, who did not seem to care that their child has permanently injured another family’s child.

I am so angry and upset after hearing that the parents of the attacker were laughing in front of the intensive care unit where the victim was.


Hoon continued, stating that the child in the intensive care unit, the victim, was a part of his family, and yet there would be no punishment levied.

That child who is in a state of brain-death is my family… Our family is not receiving any comfort as there will be no investigation regarding this case because it was between elementary students… It’s so sad… Assault from elementary students is still assault. The condition is serious… But there is no sort of punishment being given out… The school is not taking any action because they say the children would be too anxious.


Finally, he closed out his statement by hoping that his family member would regain consciousness soon.

I’m so upset. I would just like it if my family would not receive any more pains. Right now… I just hope that [they] regain consciousness soon.


Fellow U-KISS member Kiseop showed his support for Hoon’s situation and asked his fans to spread the word on the situation.

The contents of this post is a story from our member Hoon. A child was assaulted and is currently unconscious. No action has been taken [on the attacker]. It’s so absurd and upsetting. Please spread the word far and wide so everyone can see it, please, I ask of you all. Things like this, please… please if they didn’t happen, that’s my wish. My heart hurts so much.