U-KISS’ South America Tour cancelled

U-KISS and NH Media unfortunately had bad news for Latin American fans, announcing on April 10th that the upcoming tour has been cancelled.

On their Twitter account for U-KISS, they write, “With the announcement of the cancellation of their South American tour, we ask of all of you to check NH EMG’s (NH Entertainment Media Group also NH Media) homepage and U-KISS’ fan cafe for more information on the subject. We apologize for the fans who have been eager [to see U-KISS], and we will try our best to quickly set up the tour once again [at a later date]. Thank you.

Unfortunately, no further information was released with the tweets. Fans who are able to access their fan cafe can further check information here. According to the message left in the fan cafe, the event was canceled due to poor organization and miscommunication with the local organizers. In addition to issues of transparency regarding finances, the agency decided to cancel the tour to protect the artists and fans. Any future activities will be confirmed only through the agency itself as the message warned against potential fraudulent updates and announcements.