TVXQ’s Yunho Is Getting Ready For His Long Awaited Solo Comeback

“Please show a lot of anticipation!”

TVXQ‘s passionate leader, U-Know Yunho is making a long-awaited comeback! SM Entertainment announced on TVXQ’s official Twitter account that on December 17 Yunho will be making his solo comeback in January 2021: “Yunho is preparing for a new album with the aim of a comeback in January. Please show a lot of anticipation.”

Back towards the beginning of December, Yunho did a shoot and interview with 1st Look Magazine and implied he plans on trying a new concept: “I’m trying to make an album that can satisfy both eyes and ears at the same time. It’s a concept I’ve rarely seen.”

Yunho’s last solo True Colors was back in June 2019. It has been 1 year and 7 months since then. Fans are curious to see Yunho and what “rarely seen” concept his solo comeback will be!

Source: Nate and Naver