UEE’s Close Friend Reveals Her Thoughts On UEE’s Recent Drastic Weight Loss

Her close friend revealed some details of her own.

UEE‘s recent weight had fans concerned for her health as she looked much skinnier than before.

UEE second from the left.


UEE had always been known for her fit and glamorous body figure.


But her recent weight loss had fans worrying that the stress was causing harm to her health.


However, a close friend recently revealed that UEE has been eating more and gaining weight! She reassured the fans and told them not to worry.

UEE wasn’t dieting on purpose. She actually told me that she gained weight since filming My Only One. She’s eating well these days.

I’m not sure exactly how many kg she gained, but she gained more weight than since the start of this year.

— UEE’s Friend


UEE’s fans can rest assured that she’s taking care of her health and that she’s eating well too! Here’s to UEE’s health and happiness!

Source: Osen