Uee Reassures Fans After They Voice Concerns Over Her Health

“A day when I’m having a lot of thoughts!!”

Uee recently shared an Instagram post that made fans begin to worry about her physical and mental health.

On May 3, Uee uploaded a selfie of herself along with the caption, “A day when I’m having a lot of thoughts!!”

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생각이 많아지는날!!🤨

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Some fans commented below that Uee looked like she was losing too much weight and suggested that she put aside all of her many thoughts.


After seeing that some fans were worried, Uee shared a new post reassuring her fans that she was completely fine and in fact, was having a great time vacationing and meeting friends.

Oh no! It seems like many people were worried because of my photo yesterday. I’m sorry!! I only had some very small personal thoughts on my mind, but I’m doing very well!! I went on a trip that I couldn’t during my drama, I’m meeting friends, eating at good restaurants and looking after my dogs~! (My face looked very skinny due to the picture app) I’m enjoying a beautiful time so please don’t worry about me~! I’ll give updates through Instagram!

ㅡ Uee


She accompanied her message with photos from her vacation and the good restaurants she’s been visiting.


Meanwhile, Uee recently stated in an interview that she had tried to gain some weight back but it was difficult to gain weight when she was busy with her schedules.

When I moved agencies, the first thing our CEO said to me was let’s try to exercise and get your legs back to how it was before. I wanted to go back to but in order to do so, I had to gain weight in general so I said I would try and asked for a year to work on it. I didn’t have a sensitive personality but when I’m working on films or dramas, I don’t eat much and I get very sensitive. Because the job requires me to look good, I maintain a weight that I think is the prettiest but when I film, I lose it again.

ㅡ Uee


Luckily, it seems that she is doing well and enjoying her free time!

Source: Xportsnews