Uee Stuns Fans With Her Latest Instagram Post After Gaining 17 Pounds

Netizens were shocked by her latest update!

Uee (also known as Uie) shocked netizens with her latest Instagram update where she showed off her incredible new physique!

Former After School member Uee, also known as Uie, is a singer and actress. | @kim_uieing49/Instagram

Korean media outlets reported that Uee gained about 17lbs and it seems that it’s almost all muscle! In a photoshoot done with body profile studio Hipstay, Uee showed off her long, toned legs.

| @kim_uieing49/Instagram

The white bodysuit complements her shape so well!

| @kim_uieing49/Instagram

In another set of photos, Uee wore a matching blazer and trouser set with only a bra underneath her coat, letting her impressive abs get the spotlight.

| @kim_uieing49/Instagram

Just two years ago, fans were concerned after Uee appeared to have lost an alarming amount of weight. However, she looks healthier and more confident than ever now!

| @kim_uieing49/Instagram

Uee herself made it clear that she’s feeling great in her own skin: she captioned her post, “I love the way I look right now.” Her confidence truly shines in these photos, and fans were stunned to say the least!

Source: Instagram