UEE Stuns Fans With Her Perfect Body Line In Topless Photoshoot

No one expected her to do this.

UEE has stunned her fans with her topless photoshoot, showing off her perfect body line and showing off her confidence in her body.

UEE participated in a photoshoot for fashion magazine Singles after receiving an explosive response from Korean netizens following her appearance on MBC I Live Alone. Following four months of healthy, safe dieting and an exercise regiment, UEE was able to perfectly represent the clean but sexual semi-nude photoshoot with her luxurious visuals.

This photoshoot is garnering extra attention for its high quality, as some of the industry’s best staff members such as superstar stylist Han Hye Yeon participated in the photoshoot.

UEE was labeled as one of the new “Queen of Ratings” after starring in KBS‘s weekend drama My One and Only, which peaked at 48% viewer ratings. She has also been able to regain her title of “honey thighs” following a careful diet and exercise plan. UEE’s full pictorial can be seen in the July issue of Singles.

Source: Herald Pop