Newlywed Actor Couple Give Birth To Their First Child

Congrats to the couple!

Actress Uhm Hyun Kyung has given birth to a healthy son.

Uhm Hyun Kyung (left) and Cha Seo Won (right) | @ringirin/Instagram

On October 16, JTBC News reported that the popular actress had given birth to a healthy son.

Although the exact time of the child’s birth was not revealed, the report states that the actress’s husband, actor Cha Seo Won, who is currently serving as a reserve in the military, was able to be beside his wife.

Cha Seo Won (pictued) in the military | 10Asia

Uhm Hyun Kyung’s agency confirmed the report to E-Daily and revealed that both the child and mother were healthy.

Uhm Hyun Kyung recently gave birth. Both mother and child are healthy.

— Uhm Hyun Kyung

Cha Seo Won’s agency also confirmed the news to Sports Today, stating that “Cha Seo Won and Uhm Hyun Kyung recently gave birth.”

Meanwhile, both Cha Seo Won and Uhm Hyun Kyung are popular actors. The two reportedly met while filming MBC‘s The Second Husband and announced they were getting married last June.

Source: wikitree