“Umbrella Academy” And Ellen Page Accused Of Racism For Cutting Out Asian Cast Member In Photo

The posts’ captions further enraged the fans.

The Umbrella Academy recently launched on Netflix. The new drama series tells the story of 6 adoptive siblings with supernatural gifts.


Spoiler Alert! There was another character who wasn’t seen in the trailers but played a crucial part of the story. That character, named Ben, was played by Korean-American actor, Justin Min.

Justin Min playing the role of Ben in “The Umbrella Academy”.


He became a fan favorite as the story behind his character was very intricate and mysterious.

Ben from “The Umbrella Academy”.


All of the siblings and the director gathered for a photo during the series premiere red carpet.


The Umbrella Academy‘s Instagram post uploaded the group photo with a loving caption: “Nothing but love for this family.


But fans quickly noticed that Justin Min was cropped from the original photo. He wasn’t tagged in the photo nor was he included in one of the 10 photos that the series uploaded to their account.


Fans were enraged that they would crop Justin Min out of the photo, inferring that he was not part of the “family”. Many netizens declared it an act of “racism” and left comments demanding to know why they cut him out.


Ellen Page, who plays sibling Number 7 on the show, also uploaded the same photo as The Umbrella Academy.


She also didn’t tag Justin Min in her post.


Many netizens criticized her actions as “racist”, as they demanded to know why she also cropped him out.


Perhaps it was the fact that Justin Min’s character was the secret veil that no one was ready to spoil until now, but both The Umbrella Academy and Ellen page later posted about Justin Min’s secret character.


Ellen Page was met with more backlash following her new post about Justin Min.


Meanwhile, Justin Min remains silent about the accusations, and The Umbrella Academy is available to stream on Netflix.