UN Village Residents Say They Spotted TWICE’s Jihyo Sorting Recycling Outside Kang Daniel’s Building

More details about their relationship was revealed.

In another addition to the news about Kang Daniel and TWICE’s Jihyo’s relationship, witnesses who live in UN Village, the same luxury apartment complex that Kang Daniel lives in, say they spotted Jihyo sorting out recycling outside.

According to a building manager at UN Village, who told the story to Yonhap News, Jihyo was witnessed sorting out delivery food containers and alcohol bottles.

There are people who saw Jihyo sorting out empty delivery food containers and alcohol bottles.

— UN Village building manager

It is believed that Kang Daniel and Jihyo had many dates with each other at his home, enjoying each other’s company with delivery food and alcohol. One resident at UN Village also commented on their gatherings.

There were several times where Kang Daniel and Jihyo would have other people at his house and their meetings would get very loud and noisy.

— UN Village resident

Kang Daniel and TWICE’s Jihyo confirmed their relationship earlier today, August 5.

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Source: Etoday