Unaired Scene Of “Single’s Inferno 2” OTP Kim Se Jun And Lee So E Leaves Netizens Wanting Even More

Viewers believe that one of the steamiest scenes from this season is theirs.

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Netizens can’t get enough of Single’s Inferno 2 OTP Kim Se Jun and Lee So E after Netflix released an unaired clip of their Paradise date.

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Lee So E | Netflix

From the moment Se Jun arrived at Inferno, he and So E connected. She looked after him and helped him adjust to the deserted island.


Likewise, of all the contestants he spoke with during his brief time in Inferno, So E stood out the most. He couldn’t help but care for her.


So, naturally, when given a chance to go to Paradise (resort) for a date to get to know one of the women better, he chose So E. Their connection was even greater there.

Viewers noticed how their interactions with each other differed from other contestants. They were heavy on the skinship while also being so inventive with one another. Se Jun also ensured that So E felt safe during the helicopter ride and gave her his jacket to and from.

Yet, besides their conversation during dinner, Netflix aired nothing from Se Jun and So E’s Paradise date. Although the couple spoke about having fun, trying everything there was to do at Paradise, even if it meant staying up all night, we saw nothing…


Until now.

Netflix released an unaired scene of Se Jun and So E in the pool. The two playfully raced each other…

But they also had an intimate conversation. So E revealed she believed she would never get the chance to go to Paradise, and Se Jun expressed that he had felt the same since he joined later.

This scene is what viewers have been hoping for all along! They just can’t get enough of these two.


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This scene further proves that their chemistry is unmatchable. So, it leaves us wondering what more Netflix has been keeping from us.

Not only that, but with the unaired scene’s release, viewers are pointing out that the preview scene of a couple embracing each other in the pool is clearly So E and Se Jun. It’s certainly her swimwear.

Even more curious, though, it even looks like it could be from that exact pool date…

Regardless of whether or not Netflix releases the full scenes, it gives us hope that our OTP will be endgame. Looking at the likes on Netflix’s post of the scene, including the couple themselves and Season 1’s Oh Jin Taek, we really believe the couple could leave Inferno together in the end.

Watch the full scene below.

Source: The Swoon

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