BLACKPINK Is Officially The Most Followed Girl Group In The World

These girls just keep coming out on top! 

It seems like BLACKPINK is an unstoppable force. The girls have smashed records, dominated charts, and taken social media by storm.


When the members started their own Instagrams, each member had the exact same picture posted but they each had already gained thousands of followers.

original post

Now that record has been smashed! Each member has about 4 million followers each even though they have less than 25 posts!

members insta


On top of their individual Instagram achievements, BLACKPINK’s official Instagram has the most followers of any girl group in the world! Previously the girl group with the highest numbers on the social media platform was Fifth Harmony followed closely by Little Mix.

previos queens

But BLACKPINK has proven that they are unstoppable and have now surpassed Fifth Harmony on Instagram making them the queens of the site!

on top


Congratulations BLACKPINK!

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