“The Uncanny Counter” Actor Jo Byung Gyu’s Final Thoughts On Season One Has Viewers UWU

Stay tuned for season 2!

The first season of the popular webtoon-based OCN K-Drama The Uncanny Counter has finally come to an end.

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Actor Jo Byung Gyu’s final thoughts following the final episode gained attention online as it brought tears to fans’ eyes.


I am happy to bring even a little bit of consolation to everyone during these hard times.

— Jo Byung Gyu

Having taken on his first lead role in a K-Drama, he also admitted that sometimes the pressure was too much. “But the directors, staff, other actors, and viewers gave [him] the strength and support to successfully finish filming.”

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Jo Byung Gyu felt that this experience, although very difficult, was like a gift:

I still can’t believe that this gift-like drama has come to an end, and it even makes me scared that I am calm about it. I know that the feeling of emptiness will be big but I will get through it just like my character So Mun.

⁠— Jo Byung Gyu

Jo Byung Gyu received much praise for his strong yet detailed portrayal of the righteous character So Mun.


Recently, OCN confirmed that they will be filming the second season, so stay tuned!

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