Underage Produce 101 Trainees Sexually Harassed During Live Stream

A live online broadcast went from bubbly and fun to creepy and mortifying for these two former Produce 101 contestants.

Ahn Hyungseob and Lee Euiwoong were hosting an online event with their fans when things took a turn for the worse.

Both trainees greeted their fans and updated them on their life after Produce 101

The controversy started when the two trainees started reading the real-time comments made by their viewers.

Although the members would usually read and react to the comments, their facial expressions changed as soon as the tone became sexual. 

Fans were reportedly posting comments such as “I want to slap his butt” and “Wear shorts and please show me your thighs.” 

The members were not able to hide their embarrassment, while their fans grew angry at the suggestive comments being posted by their fellow viewers. 

The sexual harassment comments on V.APP were completely out of line. Do these people know how to think [before speaking]?

I saw the comments made on VAPP and saw these weird sexual harassment comments towards “seob.” I was so startled…

Are you kidding me with these comments on “seob’s” V.APP stream? I mean these people know they were going to check the comments and they write those types of comments? TT I saw so many sexual harassment and negative comments… I think it’s just crazy……………..

No comment has been made by the trainees or their agency yet.

Watch the full video below:

Source: JoongAng Ilbo