Actress Charlize Theron Says She Wants To Protect BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

An unlikely friendship!

Fans were thrilled to learn that BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo would again attend DIOR‘s Paris Fashion Week show.

The gorgeous singer has attended many events as one of the brand’s global ambassadors, and each time has made headlines — from her “main event” level popularity

… to her gorgeous looks, leaving everyone who sees her in awe.

For her attendance at the DIOR show, Jisoo rocked a beautiful purple dress that had a special meaning, impressing fans and those in attendance.

| @guillaume_bsre/Instagram

One of the attendees seemed particularly enamored with Jisoo, causing fans to go wild after the pair interacted.

Hollywood superstar actress Charlize Theron was first spotted waiting behind Jisoo as the idol spoke to the media at the event, seemingly waiting for her chance to talk with the star.

Charlize Theron | @charlizeafrica/Instagram

Once she could, Theron made small talk with Jisoo, asking her about the flight from Korea to Paris, remarking that Jisoo was “young” and “strong” for making the long journey!

Reporters in attendance couldn’t get enough of the pair, having them pose multiple times for photos.

The photographers were so enthusiastic Charlize Theron said she would “protect” Jisoo from them while covering her with her jacket!

Fans couldn’t get enough of the pair together and love this new unlikely friendship!


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