Unexpected “Guests” Swarm BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Jacket Cover Photoshoot For Solo Album “ME”

They were definitely not invited.

Jisoo of BLACKPINK recently released her debut album ME and shared behind-the-scenes footage of the jacket cover photoshoot.


In the video on BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel, Jisoo posed in various outfits and locations with a floral, red, and Korean theme.

As her title track is titled “FLOWER,” one of the locations she filmed at was in a field of flowers during the daytime, and Jisoo’s visuals popped as did her bright red dress.

There were other concepts and locations for the jacket cover photoshoot such as an indoor studio photoshoot with a Korean theme.

And there was also a city-nightlife atmosphere where Jisoo wore a long braid.

It was the nighttime photoshoot with flowers, however, that Jisoo remembered the most because of an unexpected surprise. While taking pictures, a swarm of bugs flew gathered because of all the bright lights.

A terrified Jisoo screamed in fear for simply looking at the bugs.

She proved her professionalism, however, because the pictures turned out flawless, and there was no hint of fear in them.

But in the photos, I look really relaxed. The shoot was very fun. It felt new and exciting.

— Jisoo

Despite the unexpected guests, Jisoo remained calm and the photos turned out great.

Jisoo’s debut solo single “FLOWER” has received critical acclaim and has been well-received by fans worldwide. The song showcases Jisoo’s ability to stand out as a solo artist and her taking amazing photos amidst a swarm of bugs demonstrates her professionalism.

Source: BLACKPINK/YouTube