K-Drama “My Lovely Liar” Viewers Are Shipping An Unexpected Couple

Do you want them to end up together?

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New tvN K-Drama My Lovely Liar is well underway, but there is an unexpected couple that viewers are now rooting for.

Kim So Hyun (left) and Hwang Minhyun (right)

My Lovely Liar focuses on the relationship between composer and murder suspect Kim Do Ha (former NU’EST and Wanna One member Hwang Min Hyun) and “liar hunter” Mok Sol Hee (Kim So Hyun).

Mok Sol-Hee (Kim So-Hyun) has a special ability that allows her to distinguish whether people are lying or not. She hates her ability and views it as a curse. Because of her special ability, she is unable to trust anyone. Mok Sol-Hee gets involved with a murder suspect (Minhyun) who insists he is innocent, but nobody believes him.

— AsianWiki

While viewers have enjoyed seeing these two as their relationship progressed, there are more characters that they are shipping since Sol Hee and Do Ha became official…

Throughout the K-Drama, K-Pop idol Syaon (Lee Si Woo) has been a source of stress for many. She saw Kim Do Ha as more than her composer but a love interest. They were even rumored to be dating. She became so obsessive over him that she triggered his PTSD from the past traumatic event he experienced with his ex-girlfriend before her death, which he often blames himself for.

While Kim Do Ha confessed that he only liked her as a singer, another man truly loves her: Baek Chi Hun (Ha Jong Woo). He works for Mok Sol Hee at her tarot café, but he trained to be a bodyguard, hoping to become one for Syaon as he is a fan of hers. He uses his free time to support her by attending protests and fanmeetings.

Baek Chi Hun and Syaon have crossed paths on multiple occasions. The first was when she snuck out of the hospital to get food at a convenience store. He recognized her but kept quiet, and she gave him a hardboiled egg.

When he met her again at a fanmeeting, he attempted to tell her it was him, but she acted like she didn’t recognize him.


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One day, Syaon was recognized and being swarmed by people. So, he came to her defense, serving his unofficial bodyguard duties.

As a true fan, Baek Chi Hun went to see a movie to listen to the OST Syaon had recorded for it. Surprisingly, she was the only other person in the theater, and again he recognized her. He realized that she appeared sad recently, so he encouraged her to take a break if she needed to and left quietly.

Most recently, Syaon received negative comments on her posts following the news that Kim Do Ha is the same murder suspect from the unsolved case. She stopped herself from writing a response only to notice someone else did. She looked at the user’s profile and realized it was Baek Chi Hoon.

With their paths continuing to cross in recent episodes, viewers wonder if these two might end up together.


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Yet, some have hoped that she has more character development first.

We have hope for Syaon’s character arc since Episode 10. So, hopefully, it only gets better for her, especially after she has announced her hiatus.

You can watch My Lovely Liar on Mondays and Tuesdays via Rakuten Viki.

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