BTS’s Suga Ran Into An Unexpected Obstacle When Adding His Song To “PROOF” Album

This adds another level of appreciation for the song.

BTS‘s Suga‘s interview with Myungseok Kang for Weverse Magazine was released, where the idol shared his creative processes, musical collaborations, and plans for the future.

BTS’s Suga | Weverse Magazine

In the interview, Suga touches on his solo song, “Trivia 轉 : Seesaw,” which is featured on BTS’s album, Love Yourself: Answer. The song’s demo started with a completely different sound, which Suga teased to fans on April 7, 2020, when he posted a 44 second clip of the demo titled, “180213 flower vocal guide.”

The song is a fan favorite, and some ARMYs were surprised with how different the demo sounded from the released song, hoping to one day have a full version of the demo.

With BTS’s release of the anthology album PROOF, Suga granted that wish.

The third of three total CDs that make up BTS’s album, PROOF, contains 14 demos of their previously released songs as a special gift to fans. Suga opened up about how his song “Seesaw” was created.

I had such a hard time working on it. I was in such a bad slump that I had said I would just get a song from somebody else if I couldn’t come up with anything in the end.

— Suga

Although he had been struggling to create, he shared that the song and melody came to him pretty quickly as he messed around on the piano.

Suga said when he was younger, he loved to listen to instrumental versions of his favorite songs, “I would analyze them a lot and dreamed of becoming a producer.

The snippet of the demo Suga posted on Twitter in 2020 featured guide vocals, which Suga wanted to take out of the demo version added to PROOF. “The guide vocals were too hastily sung.” When he went to find the version without the vocals, he ran into one slight obstacle… he couldn’t find the song.

Determined to release the instrumental version, Suga decided to recreate the track, but it didn’t have the same feel as the original demo. Set on finding the original, Suga asked his team to help him locate the song while he was overseas.

I was in LA or New York last year, I asked them to hook up all the old PCs and laptops I had sitting around in Seoul and find it, and they finally did.

— Suga

The team eventually located the song on an identical computer that Suga owned and had mistakenly overlooked.

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Suga’s unrelenting determination to share the demo with fans adds another level of appreciation for the song. Now fans are able to listen to the original instrumental of “Seesaw (Demo Ver.)” on PROOF‘s third album.

Source: Weverse Magazine