Unexpected Peep Into Girl Group Member’s Married Life Leaves Fans Confused And Unhappy

Fans find it unfortunate that it turned out this way.

In a recent KBS’s Boss in the Mirror episode, fans caught a glimpse into former Wonder Girls member Sunye’s married life. In particular, she shared an update about her husband after being married for ten years.

Wonder Girls’ Sunye and Kim Soo Mi | KBS

On the show, while talking about married life with Kim Soo Mi, Sunye revealed that her husband had changed after they had lived together for so long.

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Sunye (left) and Jisun (right) | KBS

My husband didn’t use to do the dishes. Now that we’ve been married for ten years, he washes the dishes as if trying to survive.

— Sunye

Sunye, who debuted as Wonder Girls’s leader and main vocalist, stopped promotions before marrying her husband. Later, in 2015, she confirmed her departure from the group. While this story made people laugh, netizens felt confused and unfortunate about the situation.

Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Successful women sometimes give up their career to get married, but it seems so stupid. Marriage is not something romantic for women.”
  • “Can’t believe he took the great Sunye for her to live like this…”
  • “Aren’t there dishes piled up if you have three kids…and to think he’s helping with the dishes now…”
  • “If she left the group and gave up her career to get married, she should live quietly…why is she coming on TV shows and talking about how hard her married life is.”
  • “If a top idol member left the group to get married, she should have lived well. It feels strange to see such bright stars talk about things like this after getting married…”
  • “I understand that she wanted to get married early and have a stable family since she didn’t have that kid of environment growing up….but then she should have at least married someone who treated her like a princess..it’s unfortunate that it doesn’t seem like that…but seeing her husband’s job and how they met…doesn’t look like she would receive that kind of treatment…hope she is happy with her three kids, though.”
  • “It was her choice, so I’m sure she will deal with her marriage….but as for Wonder Girls…it’s so unfortunate..that she damaged the image of the group.”
  • “If she left with all that fuss…she should have met an amazing husband so that we could understand why she left…but seeing how that’s not the case…it feels strange as someone who was a fan…”

On the other hand, she stars in the musical, Chinjeong Mom with Lee Soo Mi.

Source: sports chosun and theqoo
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