13 Unforgettable Moments From BLACKPINK’s Concert In Manila

Filipino BLINKs were blessed.

It’s always refreshing when a group leaves Korea to meet their international fans. Filipino BLINKs got to experience a BLACKPINK concert as part of their Blackpink In Your Area world tour. These are 13 moments from the concert that Filipino BLINKs have been raving about.

1. Jisoo “How’s My Filipino Accent?”

According to the crowd, pretty good Jisoo.

2. BLACKPINK greeting their BLINKs in a Filipino language

3. Rosé’s solo stage of “Let It Be”

4. I am Jisoo

Jisoo was on fire tonight as she went straight savage as the crowd were chanting her name.

5. Predebut Cushions

Someone gifted BLACKPINK with cushions with their faces pre-debut on them and their reactions were priceless.

6. BLACKPINK melted the heart of Filipino celebrity Anne

7. This BLINK’s reaction to seeing BLACKPINK leaving

8. Jisoo’s solo stage of “Clarity”

9. The light stick oceans made by Filipino BLINKs

10. Jennie bursting into tears due to the support being shown

11. Lisa’s dance stage

12. Lisa and Jisoo being adorable

13. BLACKPINK promising to come back soon


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