Here’s The Unique Bet EXO’s Kai Has With SHINee’s Minho

They’ve raised the stakes of their competition.

EXO‘s Kai is beloved for his athletic figure, which contributes to his impressive dancing abilities. In a recent interview, Kai revealed that he’d found a new way to maintain that figure alongside an idol friend, SHINee‘s Minho.

SHINee’s Minho (left) and EXO’s Kai (right) | @EXO_FANBASE/Twitter

During his interview with Elle Korea, Kai was asked to draw what his brain looks like. He began by explaining he’s been using all parts of his brain recently in preparation for his new album.

He then added that another part of his brain is occupied with taking care of his health.

He followed this up by mentioning that he had recently taken up the sport of Badminton.

Badminton is a sport that is, similarly to Tennis, played with racquets but differed by serving a shuttlecock across the net instead of a ball. The shuttlecock (also known as a birdie) has a unique shape designed for its aerodynamics.

Kai explained that he picked up the sport because running for cardio had become too boring.

He then added that he plays the sport against the incredibly athletically inclined Minho from SHINee. Kai was hoping that this would be the one sport Minho would not excel at.

Unfortunately for Kai, Minho is also excellent at Badminton. Kai revealed that his new goal is to defeat Minho in a game of Badminton.

The pressure is on for victory, Kai revealed, as the pair have a bet placed on who will win the next game.

We’re trying to buy a scoreboard for Badminton. The person who loses the next game is buying it.

–– Kai

We can’t wait for an update from Kai about who will ultimately buy the scoreboard. Who do you think will be the Badminton champion? Let us know, and to see more from Kai’s interview, check out the video below: