UNIS Will Be The First K-Pop Group With A Whole Filipina Line

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As any K-Pop fan knows, K-Pop groups are not limited to only having Korean members. Many popular idols are from countries outside Korea, and the number of foreign idols has only increased.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is Thai.
GOT7’s Jackson Wang is Chinese.

Recently, the Philippines has seen more representation in idol groups with the debut of fourth and fifth-generation idols like LAPILLUS‘s Chanty and HORI7ON, K-Pop’s first Filipino boy band.

HORI7ON | MLD Entertainment

A new group will also have a first in K-Pop — a Filipina line!

Last year, the survival show UNIVERSE TICKET began to air, intending to establish an eight-membered girl group. The finale was on January 17, announcing the group’s diverse line-up to the world.

UNIS | @_UniverseTicket/Twitter

While other aspects of the line-up may have stood out initially, the fact that there are three members of Filipino descent is a big deal!

First, member Elisa already made history as the first Filipina to rank number one on a Korean survival show.

Elisia | SBS

The 14-year-old was born in the Philippines and is reportedly related to HORI7ON’s Marcus. She has already proven her talent, earning her slot in the group before the final episode.


Next, 16-year-old Gehlee Dangca ranked fourth overall but had the highest number of points amongst the trainees chosen through live voting and previous points.

UNIS Gehlee Dangca | SBS

Gehlee has been active in the pageant world, earning titles, modeling experience, and representing more than one brand.

Finally, the final member announced, Jin Hyeonju, was already active in the industry, first as a member of GOOD DAY, then as Cignature‘s Belle.

Cignature’s Belle (Jin Hyeonju) | C9 Entertainment

Hyeonju was born to a Korean father and a Filipina mother in South Korea, making her half. The talented idol is the group’s oldest member at 22.


UNIS’s debut date has not yet been set, but many anticipate what they have in store!