The Unit Contestants Discover They Used To Date The Same Girl

One lucky(?) girl was dating two male idol members at the same time until she got caught.

BIGSTAR’s Sunghak confessed on KBS’s The Unit that he and H.B.Y’s Marco once dated the same girl at the same time.

Knowing that he and Marco were from the same town, Sunghak called his hometown friend to find more about Marco, when the friend revealed this shocking news about their past.

Marco did not believe Sunghak at first, but when the name of their old flame was revealed he immediately confirmed that it was the same person.

Sunghak remembered that he had once witnessed the two of them eating ice cream together, but didn’t know who Marco was at the time.

Knowing that this was well in the past, before they were even idols, both of them laughed it off and even sent a funny joint video message to the girl.

Watch Sunghak’s revelation and their joint message below:

Source: Wikitree