“Unpretty Rapstar 2” Yezi to drop her first solo single in December

Yezi will be releasing her very first solo single since debuting with FIESTAR this December, which many fans have started to anticipate.

On November 23rd, agency officials revealed to TV Report“Yezi is currently preparing her solo comeback this December. Apart from her image in FIESTAR, she will show off a different color. Since this is Yezi’s first solo, she is preparing and working hard for it.”

Through her appearance on Unpretty Rapstar 2 on Mnet, Yezi revealed a different side of her, showing the fierce female rapper and fierce gaze that came along with it that has been hidden through her activities with FIESTAR, which she had always shown a youthful but attractive and sexy appeal.

With her rising popularity from her participation in the female rapper show, her solo is expected to do well.

Source: TV Report