“Unpretty Rapstar” Rapper Kitti.B Reveals The Hypocrisy Regarding Sexual Harassment In The K-Hiphop Scene

She slapped back at male rappers.

With the current issues over petitions to punish RPS fanfiction and deepfakes going on, rappers have been stepping up to speak on the issue as well. Male rappers such as Son Simba, Rohann and BeWhy have all spoke out against RPS fanfiction, the creation of works based on real people and often intertwining them with same-sex partners. These works are also often rated for mature audiences. Most who are against RPS have claimed that this is a form of sexual harassment as well.

On the other hand, female rapper Kitti.B has spoken out against the situation recently via an Instagram story.

| @k.i.t.t.i.b/Instagram

Since when was K-Hiphop so sensitive about sexual harassment? Wasn’t everyone keeping mum about things? I remember it clearly but I only can just smile.

— Kitti.B

According to a netizen, rapper Black Nut once wrote lyrics that sexually harassed Kitti.B. She issued a warning, to which he continued to use the lyrics as they were and even added a gesture of masturbation during a live performance of the song.

| @k.i.t.t.i.b/Instagram

Kitti.B then sued Black Nut resulting it a probation of 6 months for him. Kitti.B was then ostracized for “breaking the unspoken rules” of the K-Hiphop scene. To this day, her videos are still plagued with hate comments.

| pann

While BeWhy has since removed his post regarding the issue, Kitti.B has left her story up.

Source: pann
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